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Obtaining Your CPE Credits

If you've gone through these steps and are still having difficulty, contact FEI National CPE Services at 973.765.1040. Click here to view different topics' contact information with FEI National.


Step 1: Sign in to FEI’s website:

Don’t know your login? Click on Forgot Login or contact the Member Services at 877.359.1070

The sign in link is located in the top right corner in the desktop version, or under MENU in the mobile version. If you need sign-in assistance, please call FEI’s Membership Department at 877.359.1070, or email at


Step 2: Locate CPE Center on FEI's home page or at

NOTE: complete the CPE profile the first time you visit the CPE CENTER by clicking Manage Profiles.


Step 3: Manage/Edit CPE Profiles

Complete the sections on the form as indicated below.

State of Registration: Select the State in which you are a CPA. If you are not a CPA but still require CPE credit leave this field blank.
Date of Most Recent Renewal: Enter the most recent renewal or audit date. If unknown, enter a date that is before the date of the event you attended. DO NOT LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK.
Renewal Period: Enter number of years in renewal period. If unknown, leave blank.
Required Credits: Enter number of required credits in renewal period. If unknown, leave blank.


Click SAVE PROFILE, then click Back to CPE Center to return to the CPE Center when profile is complete.


Step 4: Receive CPE credit and certificate of completion.

Pending CPE credits that need an evaluation completed will be noted at the top of the CPE Center. Click on Fill in the event survey to receive them. This will take you to the evaluation that is requried to earn the CPE credit. Once complete, click Back to CPE Center.


Step 5: Print Your Certificate.
You will be able to print a certificate immediately after saving the evaluation. Certificates are accessible under the certificates column. Click on Non-CPA or the State in the certificates column to access and print the certificate as many times as you wish. Please retain a copy of the certificate for your records.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add and track non-FEI CPE Credit information to the FEI CPE Center?

Yes, the CPE Center has the ability to track additional CPE credits earned from outside sources. To add this information to the CPE Center, click “Track non-FEI Credits” from the CPE Home page. Click “add more credits”, complete the form and save. These credits will be tracked in the Credit Summary.


What is the Credit Summary?

This grid shows your progress towards compliance, and is based on the CPE profiles you created. The “earned to date” box includes all credits earned (through FEI and external sources).


I attended a Chapter meeting on this date and my credits aren't showing as available yet.
Typically, credits for CPE approved meetings will be available within 3-7 business days of the actual meeting date.

If you attended a meeting, signed in and out, and still don't see your credits, please contact your Chapter Administrator or the CPE Administrator via email,, for additional assistance. You can also check your CPE profile date to be sure it is before the date of the event you earned the CPE credit.  As meetings are submitted for CPE credit approval, although rare, they may not receive approval for the content. Unfortunately, there are times when meetings offered credits but do not meet the standards set by NASBA. You may contact your Chapter Administrator or the CPE Administrator to determine if this is the reason your credit is not available.


I went to a Chapter meeting and the credits aren't showing as available to me. Everyone else got theirs already, where are mine?

It is a requirement of NASBA that you sign the available CPE sheets that are usually located at the registration table.

When FEI HQ receives the signature sheets, we release the credits to the signatures on the list. If there is no sheet, ask the administrator to sign the attendance sheet. Please remember to write clearly! If you forgot to sign in but are sure you attended the meeting, please contact, and FEI HQ will speak with your Chapter Administrator for confirmation.


Some of the credits I’ve earned aren’t listed on the certificates page, or recently “disappeared.”  Where are they?

The FEI CPE Center is designed to comply with NASBA regulations, which state that only credits earned within the current cycle count toward compliance. Therefore, the certificates page will only list credits earned after the “most recent audit” date in your CPE profile. If you have multiple profiles, the system lists all credits earned after the earliest dated profile. If you would still like to be able to view or print certificates for credits earned prior to your most recent audit, you can set your profile to an older date, or create a second profile with an older date.


Can I watch an archived webcast and qualify for CPE credit?

Unfortunately, no. Only participation during the live webcast qualifies for CPE credit, per NASBA regulations.


Can everyone in my office watch a webcast and receive CPE credit if I am the only person who registered and paid for the webcast?

Unfortunately, no. Only those individuals who have registered for the webcast and have met the criteria are eligible for CPE credit.

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